Central Bucks EMS Xplorers!

Attention all Xplorers

Updated 9-9-20


All Xplorer meetings and activities are on hold until further notice.


This IS NOT an easy decision as we miss you all! But as we struggle to get through this pandemic, we are reminded that we don't sit and listen to lectures, we enjoy the hands-on training and experience we practice on a weekly basis. That means we are not able to practice social distancing - there just isn't enough PPE to go around.


Along with that is the fact we meet at an active 911 squad where our Emergency Medical Service professionals are in the field every day - working on patients that could have the covid-19 virus. Meeting in this environment also does not allow us to practice practical social distancing.


I know this is not easy and please realize this is not an easy decision for any of us to make. We miss you all and can't wait to get back into the swing of things.


Stay Healthy Safe out there...remember, it's not just you, it could be a family member or your best friend you're protecting!!!


Don't forget to thank our local Emergency First Responders

Especially those at Central Bucks EMS who sponsor our Xplorers!

Send an email to: Chief@CBEMS.org




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We are an Emergency Services based explorer program dedicated to helping young men and women, ages 14 to 21, to learn and get hands-on experience in their respective fields.


We meet every Wednesday night from 19:00-20:30 (7-8:30pm) at Central Bucks EMS: 455 East Street, Doylestown PA 18901 (click for Google Map).


2020 Membership Renewal Form (pdf)










Great Hands On Experience!

  • We practice patient care and assessment skills
  • Work with actual equipment
  • Go over medical theory
  • Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) drills
  • Don't forget our Candy Q&A!

We also offer:

  • Guest Speakers
  • Field Trips
  • Camping Trips
  • EMS Standbys
  • And More







. Hypothermia: (PDF)




Over the years, our Xplorers have provided dozens of tours for Boy/Girls Scouts and other youth organizations!

If you are interested in scheduling a tour for your group, we ask that you tour during one of our scheduled meetings which are on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. This way, we can provide:


  • Tours of the squad building including: offices, training rooms, ambulances and equipment
  • We can also setup 'first aid stations' where the kids can rotate through to learn and get hands-on practice of first aid skills
  • We end the tour with a Q&A session - which for some groups, are a requirement for their 'badge'

All tours need to be pre-arranged. By coming to one of our meetings at our squad, we're able to provide you with Xplorers to help with the tour as well as having access to all the necessary equipment and ambulances, to make it a fun and exciting evening! We meet at Central Bucks EMS which is located at 455 East Street in Doylestown.


PARKING: We are an active 911 squad, so we ask that you park on the 7/11 side of the building and walk around to the front. Please DO NOT park on the side that has the bay/garage doors. This allows our EMTs, Medics, Officers and Rigs to come and go between shifts. Unfortuantely, we've had issues in the past so we've had to make this a blanket policy. We ask you to advise everyone in your group to honor this request. Thank you!



. National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians

. Psychomotor exams in PDF format (scroll down and look for "The Psychomotor Exam" tab)

. PA EMT Protocols

. If you're interested, Contact Us!




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